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Our Vets, Techs & Their Pets:
Mica - Forever My Girl

Mica is an 11-year old Lab mix. She was found in Georgia tied to a tree when she was just a year old. She had severe diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) - a serious and life-threatening manifestation of uncontrolled diabetes. She was very sick, weighing just 33 lbs (which is very little for a dog of her breed). She was hospitalized and treated before being transported by her rescue organization to the northeast.

CUVS technician, Ashley, said; “I had lost my previous dog, DaisyMae, not long before Mica presented to my workplace in 2007. DaisyMae was a diabetic and I donated insulin to the rescue for Mica. Her diabetes, however, was not well regulated.”


Our Vets, Techs & Their Pets:
Linus - Rescued by ROAR. Saved by CUVS. Adopted by Dr. Oli Morgan
By Dr. Oliver Morgan (CUVS surgeon)

My Adopting Story

Our Vets, Techs & Their Pets:
Khaleesi – My Adopting Story

By: Leticia, CUVS Technician Assistant

Winter Pet Safety Tips


The colder temperatures and precipitation that we encounter in the Winter months can be quite dangerous to our pets. The following is a list of Winter Safety Tips to consider for dogs and cats.

Hypothermia:  Although most dogs and cats have furry coats, they are still susceptible to the effects of cold temperatures and hypothermia. Ideally, allow them outdoors only for the time it takes to urinate and defecate, and for short walks. If the pet stops walking, starts to shiver, or becomes sluggish, seek shelter, and immediately bring them indoors for warmth.

Two for One

Our Vets, Techs & Their Pets:
Greta and Eli – Two for One

The Story of Henry - and Serendipity

“November 2004. Election day. Philadelphia. I was covering for a colleague at the Veterinary Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania who was on sabbatical – supervising the ICU. I passed through the busy Emergency Room on my way to the ICU. In the incubator was a badly injured 12-week old orange kitten. He was a stray; brought in by someone who saw him hit by a car a few hours prior. He was in shock and had head trauma resulting in neurologic dysfunction and multiple facial fractures. Given the extent of injury in an unowned kitten, the decision had been to euthanize him. I said I’d take him instead. So, we treated him.

Keeping Your Pets Safe this Holiday

The holidays come with an extra bag of tricks when it comes to animal shenanigans so it can be especially difficult to keep your dogs and cats safe. Here are some things to look out for:

Lila's Story - Xylitol Toxicity

Did you know that chocolate is toxic to your pet? How about raisins? Chewing gum? SometimesLila pet owners have to find out the hard way. But 7-month-old, Lila, from Stamford was lucky.

When Lila got into some chewing gum one Sunday night, her owners became concerned. And for good reason. As it turns out, the xylitol in chewing gum and other candy can be lethal to dogs and cats. Lila’s owners rushed her to Cornell University Veterinary Specialists (CUVS). She arrived at CUVS about an hour and a half after she had eaten 38 pieces of Ice Breakers gum.

Thanksgiving Safety

10 Tips for Keeping Your Pets Safe on Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving centers around food, and who doesn’t want to share the holidays with their pet? In one poll, 56 percent of pet owners admitted to sharing Thanksgiving table scraps with their pets. Adding lean protein and vegetables to your pet’s diet may be great, but please be aware that there are also hidden dangers in holiday fare. Below are 10 tips to keep Thanksgiving safe for your pet (and avoid a trip to the Veterinarian).

CUVS’ 2015 Courageous Companions Event Portraits by Boprey Photography

On March 21st, Cornell University Veterinary Specialists (CUVS) honored the lives of some of our most "courageous companions". At this very special reunion, our doctors and staff gathered to honor these remarkable animals and their bravery, and demonstrate our appreciation for them and their human families. CUVS also offered each family the opportunity to sit for a professional photographer as a tribute to their beloved companions. We wanted to share these beautiful photos with all our readers, along with a few of their stories.

These pets, along with their supportive and loving families, remind us why we do what we do, and they will always hold a special place in our hearts. 

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