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Dr. Oli Morgan joins CUVS

CUVS Welcomes Dr. Oliver Morgan, VMD, DACVS, on board as our new staff surgeon!

Dr. Morgan

As we bid a sad farewell to Dr. Alon Kramer, who has moved back to Portland with his family, we are excited to introduce Dr. Oliver “Oli” Morgan as the newest member of our medical team. We are so lucky to have found a surgeon of his calibur, and his communication skills and core values lend themselves very well to our atmosphere here. We're thrilled to have him on board, and he is undoubtedly a great match for our team here at CUVS!

Wally's Story

Meet Wally and family!


Wally is a 7 year old Pembroke Corgi that was diagnosed with B-Cell Lymphoma in April 2011. We, along with Wally's parents and brother, are so proud to announce that Wally has graduated!

He is finished with his chemotherapy protocol this month and he is still in a complete remission. Wally had virtually no major problems handling his chemotherapy. The protocol we used was co-authored by our own Dr. Gerald Post DVM, MEM, DACVIM.

Best Pet Winner



"Best Pet" Photo Contest!

Enter our "Best Pet" Photo Contest!


One thing we see every day here at CUVS is the strength and uniqueness of the human/animal bond. We know everyone loves their pet, and everyone believes their pet to be the most special, most adorable, best pet in the world.

Hot Weather Tips

Hot Weather Pet Tips

Holy cow is it hot this week!!! Summer is officially here and we all need to adjust - even/especially our pets! Here are some tips from the ASPCA on how to safely and comfortably  handle the summer heat with your pet.

Dog and Fan

Made in the Shade
Pets can get dehydrated quickly, so give them plenty of fresh, clean water when it's hot outdoors. Make sure your pets have a shady place to get out of the sun, be careful to not over-exercise them, and keep them indoors when it's extremely hot.

Welcome Emily!

Our Stray Has A Name!

Thank you so much everyone who contributed to giving our little puppy girl a name - all of the suggestions were so creative!

After about a week of voting among our staff, the name we've decided upon is...

A suggestion from one of our staff members, it was so well liked that people have already started calling her Emily - and she seems to like it too! In addition, our little pal seems to be gaining more confidence and moxy every day!

Thank you again to all our followers for your help and enthusiasm.



May is National Pet Cancer Awareness Month!

May is National Pet Cancer Awareness Month!

*The cause of cancer in pets, just as with people, is largely unknown, although animals get cancer at about the same rate as humans! In fact, The American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation has noted that 50% of dogs aged 10 or older will be affected by cancer.

Thus, in a continued effort to battle and treat pet cancer, Cornell University Veterinary Specialists is proud to welcome Dr. John Farrelly, a long-standing leader in the field of oncology, to our team!

CUVS's New Presence!

CUVS's New Presence!

CUVS has a new social media look and presence! Visit and like our Facebook page and follow us on twitter @CUVS_Stamford. We will be providing you and all our followers with pictures, articles, helpful information and updates on what's going on here at CUVS!

Name This Stray!

Today we're giving all our followers the opportunity to get involved in the life of one of our very special residents here at CUVS:

This pretty girl came to CUVS when she was rescued from an accident by the Stamford Police. While we’re unsure of her age and her exact breed, we do know that she’s incredibly loving and a world class snuggler. While we would love for her to be adopted into a nice, quiet home with low key adults who want a lap dog to cuddle with/keep them company, she is currently residing in her own plush little palace here at CUVS.

Pet Dangers During the Holidays!

banner image

All of us at CUVS wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season! Because we’re always looking out for your four-legged family members, we’d like to share some common dangers to avoid during this joyful, and sometimes chaotic, time.

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